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Licensing & IP Transactions "Has a 'great reputation', comprises of an experienced roster of IP attorneys, patent attorneys, former members of the judiciary and industry experts with 'very good technical understanding'."
– Legal 500


Over the years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of IP transactions in the international marketplace.  

In the past, we assisted clients to introduce technologies into Korea but with the rise, growth and maturation in the Information Technology and “High Tech” industries in Korea, we are now witnessing an increase in outbound transactions (e.g., foreign companies interested in acquiring or licensing technology developed in Korea) as well.  The IP & Technology Transactions Practice handles both in-bound and out-bound IP asset-related transactions.  These transactions include, for example, traditional licensing, joint development projects, technology transfers and assignments, as well as more unconventional types of transactions such as using IP as collateral in financing arrangements and helping clients to acquire IP to bolster its technology positions for both defensive and offensive purposes.  The Licensing & IP Transactions Practice recognizes that there are IP related issues and concerns in almost all modern day transactions and that IP plays an important role in the asset portfolio of a company.  In view of the steady growth of IP-based technology transactions, members of the Licensing & IP Transactions Practice regularly counsel clients on transaction strategies, development of technology licensing programs and participate in negotiations on behalf of clients.

Our People

The diverse backgrounds and outstanding quality of our professionals and staff are the main source of our success.  Our practice group includes professionals who served in the judicial, corporate and public sectors and have expertise in a wide range of industries.  They offer a breadth and depth of experience and resources far beyond what has been offered by any other law firms in Korea.  This unique combination of multi-area expertise and local understanding of our clients’ businesses allows us to understand clients’ needs, identify key issues, and craft well-tailored, innovative solutions designed to achieve their objectives in the most cost-efficient and effective way.

Broad Spectrum of Technology Coverage

Our lawyers and patent attorneys are uniquely able to understand the complexities of numerous technologies because many possess advanced technical degrees and industry experiences.  We combine these substantial technical backgrounds with an intimate understanding and experience in the intersection between business, technology and law to negotiate IP transactions and agreements effectively on behalf of our clients and to advise on all technical areas for strategic IP commercialization and monetization.  Our technical coverage includes a broad spectrum of technical fields, including without limitation, biotechnology, information and telecommunication engineering, Internet and e-commerce, health care and pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, hybrid technologies and software.

Leverage of Diversified Experiences

A number of our lawyers have extensive corporate and transactional experience, and can further assist clients in every aspect from valuation of IP assets, deal structuring, due diligence, transaction documentation, negotiation, regulatory reporting and counseling.  Our firm provides a distinct advantage when drafting IP transaction agreements or developing negotiation strategies by leveraging the experience of seasoned transactional lawyers, patent attorneys with strong technical backgrounds, support of professionals knowledgeable in nearly every area of the law and collaboration with other practice groups at the firm.  Additionally, the diverse backgrounds of our lawyers allow us to intimately understand the context and nuances of numerous industry relationships and agreements in such areas as patent pools, standards bodies, software, IT, electronics, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, mechanical, automotive, and others.

Key ServicesView All

Corporate Transactions involving IP - Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures & Dispositions
  • Clearance prior to investments or purchases - Evaluate pre-existing rights of competitors
  • Due diligence & evaluation of target’s IP portfolio
  • IP counseling 
  • Regulatory compliance


IP Asset Monetization Transactions (Licensing/Purchase/Sale)
  • Evaluation of IP assets
  • Finding of potential purchaser/licensee/seller
  • Technology transfer & licensing
  • Brand licensing
  • Copyright licensing
  • Software licensing
  • Game licensing


IP & Technology Development & Services
  • Development agreements, strategic alliances and collaborations
  • R&D centers
  • Service agreement
  • Government R&D contracts


List of Technical Specializations and Industries Served
  • Automotive, Aerospace & Transportation
  • Consumer Products
  • Materials & Metallurgy
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biotechnology & Life Sciences 
  • Chemicals & Agrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electrical & Semiconductors
  • Software, Computers & Business Methods
  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • Telecommunications & ICT
  • Energy & Renewables
  • Healthcare & Medical devices
  • Foods & Cosmetics


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