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Seminar on "How to Protect Your Brands from Me-Too Products" in Seoul on April 24, 2015


A seminar on "How to Protect Your Brands from Me-Too Products" was held in Seoul on April 24, 2015. The seminar was co-hosted by Thomson Reuters Korea and Kim & Chang, and was organized by LAWnB for the purpose of exchanging information on the challenges posed by me-too products as well as discussing about strategic considerations for trademark and IPR protection and management in the global business environment.

As a co-hosting firm, seven attorneys from Kim & Chang's IP Practice Group participated in the seminar as speakers. Jay (Young-June) Yang gave an overview of recent developments and trends relating to brand and trademark protection and management. Jong-Kyun Woo gave a broad outline of various overseas protection strategies, while Jung Hwa Yoon, Peter Won-Kil Yoon, and Alex H. Cho discussed about specific strategies for obtaining protection in China, Europe and the U.S, respectively. In addition, Chang Su Park and Kyeong Tae Kang presented on various protection systems as well as strategic options against dead copies of product appearance.

The seminar was widely attended by trademark professionals, including trademark attorneys and in-house counsels, and provided a unique venue for networking and sharing knowledge about recent IP developments and trends.