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Webinar on Industry trends and IP environment for self-driving vehicles & e-mobility in Korea


On October 29, 2020, Eva Metzger (German Patent Assessor), Dr. Dae-Kern Kang (Technical Advisor) and Dae-Woong Noh (Korean Patent Attorney) from Kim & Chang's IP Practice participated as a moderator and speakers in the ika-Meetup Series of Events hosted by the Institute für Kraftfahrzeuge RWTH Aachen, Germany. In this webinar, the industry trends and patent environment for self-driving, electric and hydrogen vehicles in Korea were discussed.

In the area of next generation automotive technology, Korean automotive companies are garnering significant acclaim and reputation in the global market. More than 40 engineers from Germany attended the webinar conducted in German. During the presentation, Dr. Kang discussed how Korean companies are advancing their self-driving vehicle technologies and cooperating with foreign companies. He also discussed how government policies and Korean companies leading the next generation mobility technologies are affecting the field. Mr. Noh also provided analysis and comments on the development of self-driving related patent applications; the assessment of a joint venture development project; and patent portfolio evaluations on Korean and Japanese fuel cell vehicle manufacturers. The webinar was particularly meaningful for Ms. Metzger and Dr. Kang since it provided an opportunity to work with their alma mater as they are both alumni of the Aachen University of Technology.

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