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Unfair Competition “It remains unchallenged across the board, maintaining its ‘Outstanding’ ranking in all practice areas and sectors.”
– Asialaw Profiles


Kim & Chang is consistently recognized as the leading law firm in Korea for unfair competition matters, and has the capability and experience to handle even the most complex unfair competition issues that our clients encounter.  

Attorneys-at-law, trademark attorneys, and foreign attorneys at our firm work in teams dedicated to each case, combining extensive knowledge and specialized expertise in order to provide innovative and effective solutions to unfair competition issues in a wide array of industries. 

Staying one step ahead of unfair competition

With the advancement of technology, unfair competition resulting from competitors exploiting our clients' trademarks, trade names, product shapes, trade dress, and other fruits of significant investments and efforts has grown exponentially more sophisticated. As a result, resolving unfair competition disputes has become increasingly complex due to the various legal and technological issues involved. With innovative solutions that are at the leading edge of Korean intellectual property law, we consistently set precedents that allow us to stay one step ahead in a broad spectrum of unfair competition matters.

World-class advice based on global insights and capabilities 

The majority of our members have spent time studying or practicing abroad and are capable of working in more than one language, including English, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese, and many of them are well versed in the laws, business practices, and culture of other jurisdictions. Our international capabilities enable us to communicate easily and effectively with our overseas clients, allowing us to help our clients resolve complex and diverse unfair competition issues as efficiently as possible.


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