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Materials & Metallurgy "I expect – and have received – from Kim & Chang the highest level of service and expertise, and they have always delivered."
– IAM Patent 1000


Materials & Metallurgy is a technology field essential for high-tech industries such as precision machinery, semiconductors, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and aerospace.  

This technology forms the foundation for traditional industries such as steel/inorganic/organic material industries as well as high-tech industries such as semiconductors, fuel cells, OLED, 3D polarizing films and other advanced materials.  The 4th industrial revolution and numerous environmental issues will continue the rapid advancement of this technology, and demand for new materials will likely increase.

To keep pace with these changes, Kim & Chang’s team includes patent attorneys, foreign attorneys, dedicated staffs and technical advisors, who have degrees in materials or metallurgy as well as extensive industry experience.  Our team’s expertise and understanding of the technology and the industry allows us to provide the most comprehensive and effective solutions to the client’s complex intellectual property prosecution, litigation, and transactional matters. 

The unique nature of materials & metallurgy technology requires that clients effectively manage environmental, safety, and health hazards associated with the technology, but also market entry, corporate, and other non-traditional issues that may arise by developing new products.  Kim & Chang’s vast group of experts can provide a one-stop service that encompasses not only intellectual property issues but also trade secret, product liability, compliance, and other issues that a client may face in this field.


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